If you are in the process of choosing a school for your child, we hope this prospectus will be of help to you in reaching your decision. 

The fundamental worth of each child in the eyes of God is immeasurable and each child is respected and cared for as an individual.  The staff are dedicated to providing opportunities for our children to develop their potential to the full and to acquire the values, attitudes and personal skills which will enable them to live and serve as responsible citizens in our society.

We are proud of our school with its happy and caring atmosphere and its tradition of hard work, academic achievement, sporting success, and parish community involvement.  It is hoped that this prospectus will be helpful to you when considering your choice of school and will help you to make an informed decision.  We look forward to a happy association with you and your family.  Please see attached a List of Staff at Appendix 1 and a List of Governors at Appendix 2.  

Description of the School 

Holy Rosary Catholic Primary School is a Voluntary Aided two-form entry primary school with Nursery.  As at September 2016 there were 467 pupils on roll.   

The school opened in 1960 at the Aintree Lane site in the parish of Holy Rosary.  As the school grew it became obvious that there would not be sufficient room to provide for a growing Catholic parish.  Eventually, in 1970, the first phase of the Oriel   Drive site came into use.  The second phase of what was known as the "annexe" was completed in 1979, and the school was finally able to cope with the numbers present.  The school operated on 2 separate sites for a number of years until progress was made towards ‘single-siting’.  In September 2005, the purpose-built Nursery was completed.  The building of new classrooms and refurbishment of the existing ones continued until May 2008 when the school eventually single-sited at the Oriel   Drive site. 

An important asset of the school is the extensive fields at the rear of the school and the open aspect which lends a 'rural' atmosphere to the building.

Aims of the School

  • To be a Christian community, living the Gospel values and fostering the spiritual, moral, personal and social development of all pupils
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes high academic achievement and      opportunities for pupils to develop as independent learners
  • To promote good communication and trust between church, home and the wider community
  • To provide a safe, secure, healthy, stimulating environment in which pupils feel valued

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is:-

 ”Together as a family, we love, learn and grow in the presence of God” 

Admission Information

Parents wishing to send their children to Holy Rosary School or Nursery are invited to complete an "Initial Enquiry" form for their child as soon as possible.  Parents will be required to submit their child's birth and baptism certificates and proof of address.  The Governing Body of the school has delegated responsibility to the Admissions Committee for determining and administering the policy relating to the admission of pupils.

 Admission to Nursery

Holy Rosary has a 52 place Nursery for children who have reached their third birthday.  Children whose third birthday is on or before 31 August are usually admitted to the Nursery in the September.  Children can be admitted to Nursery the term after their third birthday, if a place is available.  The Admissions Committee meet to consider applications. 

Once a place if offered, parents are invited to attend a meeting.  At this meeting parents will be informed of the aims of the Nursery and time will be spent discussing the rationale on which good early years education is based.  Children will attend the nursery for a visit prior to starting. 

The names of children who are not offered a place, will be put on a waiting list and a place will be offered if a vacancy becomes available.

Admission to Nursery will be on a part time basis and made by the Governing Body in accordance with the parental applications subject to the following set of Admissions Criteria forming a priority order where there are more applications for admission than the Nursery has places available.  The Admissions Criteria is as follows:-

1.         Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children.

2.         Baptised Catholic children who have a sibling in the school at the time of admission.

3.         Baptised Catholic children resident in the parishes of Holy Rosary and Most Holy Redeemer & St Kentigern.

4.         Other baptised Catholic children.

5.         Other children who have a sibling in the school at the time of admission.

6.         Children from other Christian denominations.  Proof of Baptism in the form of a Baptismal Certificate or confirmation in writing that the applicant is a member of their Faith community from an appropriate Minister of Religion is required.

7.         Children of other faiths.  An appropriate Faith Leaderwould need to confirm in writing that the applicant is a member of their faith group.

8.         Other children.

Nursery education is non-statutory.  Admissions to the Nursery will be at the discretion of the Governors, who will aim to give as many children as possible a minimum 3 terms education before they reach the age for mainstream education.  Priority will be given to children due to start full-time education the following September.

A place in the Nursery does not automatically guarantee a place in the Reception Class.


Any medical and personal information will be treated as strictly confidential.  It is expected that all children who are admitted will be toilet trained.  However, if the skill of independent toileting has not been fully acquired and needs support, please inform the school.  Any child not attending Nursery for a period of three weeks without a valid reason will forfeit their place, which will be offered to the next child on the reserve list.

Admission to Reception

We welcome applications from parents wishing to send their children to our school.  Admissions to Primary Schools are co-ordinated via the Local Authority (LA).  Parents are therefore required to apply for a place in Reception for their child via the website of their home Local Authority or by completing a Local Authority Preference Form.  All preferences listed on the Local Authority Preference Form will be considered on an equal basis with the following set of Admissions Criteria forming a priority order where there are more applications for admissions than the school has places available.  The Admission Criteria is as follows:-

1.         Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children.

2.         Baptised Catholic children who have a sibling in the school at the time of admission.

3.         Baptised Catholic children resident in the parishes of Holy Rosary and Most Holy Redeemer & St Kentigern.

4.         Other baptised Catholic children.

5.         Other children who have a sibling in the school at the time of admission.

6.         Children from other Christian denominations.  Proof of Baptism in the form of a Baptismal Certificate or confirmation in writing that the applicant is a member of their Faith community from an appropriate Minister of Religion is required.

7.         Children of other faiths.  An appropriate Faith Leaderwould need to confirm in writing that the applicant is a member of their faith group.

8.         Other children.

If it is not possible to offer places for all applications within any criteria above then priority will be given to those living closest to the school measured by the shortest walking distance from the child’s home. We will measure from the property’s address point, to the nearest school gate (using recognised routes known to the Authority at the time of measurement).  In the event of distances being the same for 2 or more applicants where this distance would be last place/s to be allocated, a random lottery will be carried out in a public place.  All the names will be entered into a hat and the required number of names will be drawn out.

All children whose 4th birthday is on or before 31 August are admitted to school in the September.  Once a place is offered, a meeting is arranged for parents of pupils due to start.  At this meeting parents will be informed of the aims of the school and given some insight into the curriculum and organisation of the school day.  Parents will also have the opportunity to discuss any matters concerning their children's future at Holy Rosary.  Children who have not attended Holy Rosary Nursery will attend school for a visit prior to starting.  During the visit the child will meet his/her teacher and familiarise themselves with the school environment. 

It should be noted that admission to Holy Rosary School does not guarantee a place on transfer to the designated local Catholic High School if you live outside the above parish boundaries.   

In-Year Admissions

Parents requesting a place for their child during the school year are asked to contact Sefton Council In-Year Team on 0151 934 3590.  Parents will be asked to complete a form which will be forwarded to the school if there are places available in the relevant year group. 


We expect parents to ensure that all pupils are punctual and that they attend school regularly.  It is vital that children not only learn the importance of punctuality, but also observe it in their daily school life.  If a child is unable to attend school, for example due to illness, we ask that parents telephone the school before 9.00 am on the first day of absence and send a letter to the class teacher on their return. 

Parents have a legal duty to ensure that children of compulsory school age attend on a regular and full-time basis.  Parents are asked not to take their children out of school during term time.  If, due to "exceptional circumstances" a parent needs to take their child out of school during term time, then an "Application for Leave of Absence" form must be completed - these are available from the school office or on the school website.   

If a child is absent from school and no proper reason is supplied, then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.  Any concerns over attendance will be referred to the Headteacher and then to the Attendance and Welfare Service. 

Medical Matters

If your child becomes ill at school you will be informed by telephone, so please make sure that emergency phone numbers are kept up to date.  Staff have no legal or contractual duty to administer medicines.  However, if your child needs medicine during the day, a member of staff may administer this (in certain circumstances) upon completion of a consent form which is available from the school office.  Further information is contained in the school Medicine policy - available on the school website.

We are delighted to advise you that in 2013 we received a generous grant from the British Heart Foundation towards the purchase of a defibrillator for the school.  In 2014, the school received funding from the Local Authority to purchase a second defibrillator.  We therefore have access to this life-saving equipment should someone suffer a cardiac arrest.

School Meals 

Our school meals are provided by Sefton Catering Services.  Sefton Catering Services issue the menus:  these are forwarded to parents and are posted on the school website, on notice boards and in the school hall.                            

Dinner Money should be passed into school on a Monday morning, in an envelope marked with your child's name.  Children who are absent on Monday may bring in their dinner money when they return to school.  As at September 2016, school meals cost £2.00 each, ie £10.00 per week (correct money, or cheques, would really be appreciated).  Cheques should be made payable to Sefton MBC.  The option to pay dinner money half-termly or termly, in advance, is also available - please call into the school office to arrange this.  Facilities are available for children who wish to bring a healthy packed lunch. 

If your child wishes to change from school meals to packed lunch, or vice versa, two weeks' notice is required - please advise the school office staff.

We encourage parents to apply for free school meals if they think they may be eligible to apply.  Application forms are available from your Local Authority. 

Universal Infant Free School Meals 

From September 2014, all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible to receive a Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM).                  

Breakfast Club

A supervised breakfast club is available each morning from 8.00 am, for pupils in Reception to Year 6.  The cost is £2.00 per day. 

After School Club/Holiday Play Schemes

An after school club is available in the Aintree Area.  A company called Kid Zone organise the club and pick up children from our school and take them to the MethodistChurch on Altway.  Parents need to contact Kid Zone directly for more information on telephone number 0151 287 3944.  Kid Zone also organise Holiday Play Schemes.  Please contact them directly for further information.

The schools’ curriculum

All classes are of mixed ability and the class teacher is responsible for teaching all subjects.  A variety of teaching methods are employed, individual, group, class, depending on the needs of the child. 

In the Foundation Stage planning is often led by the interests of the children.  There are three prime areas of learning and four specific areas.  In Key Stage 1 a topic approach to planning learning experiences is used although some areas of the curriculum are taught separately.  In Key Stage 2 units of work are linked where appropriate, but if not, are taught as stand-alone units.  A variety of approaches are used to teach reading including a comprehensive phonics scheme (Letters and Sounds) which leads to a progressive spelling programme.

The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum which consists of the core subjects, ie English, Maths and Science and the foundation subjects, ie RE, ICT, PE, History, Geography, Music and Art.  The school also provides Modern Foreign Languages and PHSCE.  All planning ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which is statutory.  Information in regard to the Curriculum is available on the school website.  The emphasis in all areas of the curriculum is on helping the children to acquire worthwhile knowledge, understanding processes and develop practical skills with the ultimate aim of being able to put these to good use in everyday life.  

Parents Evenings/Pupil Reports

There is a general meeting at the beginning of the school year for parents to meet informally with their child’s class teacher.  There are 2 other formal opportunities, in November and March, for parents to make appointments to meet individually with the class teacher.  Written reports are provided at the end of each academic year.  If during the year the teacher is concerned that a pupil is not making expected progress, they will arrange a meeting with the parents.  Also, if any parent has a concern an appointment may be made with the class teacher. 

Educational Visits/Visitors

Throughout the year, various educational visits will be organised.  Parents will be informed about this via a letter and asked for their agreement that their child take part.  The school will sometimes ask for a voluntary contribution to be made.  A residential visit is arranged for pupils in Year 6.

Extra Curricular Activities

 Children are encouraged to take part in extra curricular activities.  Throughout the year we offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities.


 The nature, type and length of homework will vary according to age, needs and pace of development of the children.  At Key Stage 1 and throughout the early years, parents are asked to support their child's literacy development at home.  This may take the form of reading, handwriting or spelling.  In Year 1 and Year 2 children are also given Maths homework and research related to topics.  At Key Stage 2, Maths and English is given on a regular basis.  Projects will also be undertaken at home.

 Religious Education

Holy Rosary is a Roman Catholic School and the Religious Education it provides conforms with the doctrines of the Catholic Church.  Religious Education is provided within the time table according to the Catholic Religious Education programme, 'Come and See'.

There are no arrangements in place for withdrawal from Religious Education.  At Holy Rosary we work together, play together and pray together.  Staff and children participate in the community life of the church throughout the liturgical year and celebrate together the festivals and seasons as they come.  Along with the parish "With You Always" team, we help prepare children and their families for the Sacraments of Communion, Confirmation and Reconciliation.  Close co-operation between the home, the parish and the school provide the basis for education and a growth in faith.

Sex Education

Sex education is part of the personal, social and health education curriculum in our school.  In our policy, Sex Education is defined as ‘learning about physical, moral and emotional development’.  It is about understanding the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. 


The school is a designated site for ‘Rainbows’, which provides support for children who have suffered the loss of a parent (or other family member) through bereavement, divorce or separation.

Children with Learning Difficulties

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to maximise their potential.  Children with many different special needs are valued and included in every aspect of school life.  We believe in early identification of children with special needs so that appropriate support can be put in place.  Children's progress is reviewed termly and appropriate targets set in the form of SEN Support Plans.  We work closely with our parents and value their opinions, as experts on their own children.  The school also works closely with the Authority's Support Service, and regular meetings ensure that professional support and advice is available when required.  The school ensures that it is kept informed of recent developments in special needs.  The school policy is regularly updated to reflect the changes in the code of practice.

All pupils within the school have the right to be supported to maximise their potential and have the opportunity to achieve not only expected progress but more than expected progress.  In the main this will be achieved through good quality teaching in the classroom.  However, there may be groups of pupils who will need interventions that are “additional to” or different to the inclusive teaching already in place in the classroom to achieve this aim. 

Child Protection

If any member of staff or parents have concerns about the welfare of a child attending Holy Rosary, the school Child Protection Officer or the Headteacher should be informed.  Local Authority procedures are followed and a referral to social services may be made.  Parents of the child causing concern are informed in most cases. The school’s prime responsibility is towards the welfare of the child.

Equal Opportunities

We wish to promote positive attitudes in children, staff, governors and parents so that the children can fulfill their potential and make choices.  We seek to fulfill the aims of the school regardless of age, gender, ability (both academic and physical), ethnic origin or background of the child.  The school will liaise with the Local Authority when assessing the needs and providing for children admitted to the school with particular disabilities.

At Holy Rosary we believe in equal opportunities for all.  All children have access to the full curriculum and to out of school activities.  Children with learning difficulties are integrated into mainstream classes with extra support if necessary.  Multi-cultural dimensions are included within the curriculum to prepare children for life in a culturally varied Britain. 

We are committed to providing a fully accessible environment which values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.  The Governing Body has a number of key duties towards disabled pupils:-

  • Not to treat disabled pupils less favourably for a reason related to their disability;
  • To make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils, so that they are not at a substantial disadvantage;
  • To plan to increase access to education for disabled pupils.
  • Promote equality of opportunity for disabled people:  pupils, staff, parents, carers and other people who use the school or may wish to.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the responsibility, initially of the Class Teacher.  Serious problems are referred to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.  The Headteacher is available to see parents about any matter concerning their child's education or welfare.

Behaviour and Discipline

We have a positive approach to pupil behaviour and a copy of our Behaviour and Discipline Policy is available on our website or from school.  We encourage children to choose responsible behaviour according to the School Rules.  The School Rules, which were devised in collaboration with the children, are displayed throughout the school.

Discipline is essential to the smooth running, safety, welfare and development of all children and our policy is to adopt a positive attitude with regard to discipline, where praise, reward and encouragement play a very important part.  There is a commendation assembly every week in school when children are commended not only for what they do but also for what they are.


The question of bullying is taken very seriously and the school has an anti-bullying policy.  It is vital that school/home should be informed at the first indications of this.  Correspondence by letter, or by meeting together of parent and teacher, as soon as the problem is noticed, can alleviate misunderstandings which can occur. 

Complaints Procedure

If a parent has any concerns and wishes to make a complaint, an appointment should be made to discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

We would always hope to agree on how to resolve any concerns at this stage.  If however this does not prove to be possible, a parent has the right to have the complaint investigated and considered by the Governing Body of the school and, if this fails to resolve the matter, by an appeals panel.  The Headteacher will supply the parent with details of how to proceed in such circumstances.  The school’s Complaints Policy, which is available on the website or from school, explains what steps to take, if a parent wishes to make a complaint.

Arrangements for Inspection of documents

There are certain documents which will be made available to parents or members of the public on request.  Prior notice of request to the Headteacher is necessary.

Parents can access information regarding OFSTED reports via the website and information regarding the School’s Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) from  

School Levy

The Archdiocese maintains the school buildings and asks each catholic school to contribute towards this cost.  Parents are asked to contribute – this is currently £10.00 per family per year.

Charging for School Activities

 The school cannot charge for activities taking place during school time.  In order to make trips a viable proposition, we are permitted to ask for voluntary contributions to cover the cost.  No child will be excluded because of non-payment, but, insufficient voluntary contributions may result in the cancellation of a visit.  The charging policy is available on the school website or from school.


School Day


                                                            KS1                                        KS2

            Start                                        8.55 am                                  8.55 am

            Lunchtime                             11.45 am to 1.00 pm            12 noon to 1.15 pm

            Finish                                     3.15 pm                                  3.15 pm


The children in the Reception classes start at 8.55 am and finish at 3.15 pm – they have their lunch between 11.30 am and 12.45 pm.                   

The Nursery morning session starts at 8.45 am and ends at 11.45 am and the afternoon session starts at 12.15 pm and ends at 3.15 pm.

A member of staff is on duty on the playground from 8.45 am.  Children should not arrive before this time as they will not be supervised.

School Milk/School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

All children are provided with free milk until the age of five years.  Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receive a portion of fruit or vegetable each day. 

School Uniform

We believe very strongly at Holy Rosary in the importance of school uniform.  The wearing of the school uniform at Holy Rosary is compulsory and attendance at the school is based upon the acceptance of agreed rules and policies.  Holy Rosary school uniform consists of:-           

Boys                                                                          Girls


            Royal Blue Pullover                                                            Royal Blue Pullover or Cardigan

            White Shirt                                                                White Blouse

            Grey Trousers (shorts for Infants and                  Grey Skirt

               Years 3/4, long trousers for Years 5/6)             

            Blue/Silver tie*                                                          Blue/Silver tie*

            Dark sensible shoes - not trainers                                    Dark sensible school shoes (low heels

                                                                                                 not trainers)

            Grey socks                                                                White socks or dark tights - not

                                                                                                 coloured or patterned


            Optional white polo shirt                                         Light Blue checked dress

                                                                                                White socks

                                                                                                Dark sensible school shoes or sandals (low


 PE Uniform (boys and girls)

            White T Shirt (with school logo if desired*)

            Blue or black shorts or PE skirt

            Black pumps - not trainers


Nursery Uniform (boys and girls)

            Royal Blue or Grey sweatshirt

            Royal Blue or Grey jogging pants

            White polo shirt

*Items may be ordered/purchased via the school.  Book bags are also available to purchase from school. 

Please note that we do not have an official uniform supplier – parents can choose where they purchase items from.

Children may only wear football kits for football practice and for winter games on the field if advised by the class teacher.  Children are allowed to wear track suits for outdoor PE in winter.  No child should ever be wearing football boots in the building.  All children should have a PE kit and pumps for PE and games.  All items of uniform (including PE uniform) should be clearly labeled with the child's name. 

Hair styles must conform to a reasonable standard throughout the school.  

Jewellery and Personal Belongings

Jewellery is not allowed to be worn in school with the exception of earring studs or sleepers which may have to be left in place.  These may not be worn during swimming lessons.  Teachers will not take any responsibility for any amounts of money or items of value, including mobile phones, unless they themselves have expressly asked the child to bring an item into school for a particular reason.


Any money sent in to school should be placed in an envelope, marked with the child’s name, amount enclosed and the purpose, ie dinner money, trip money etc. 

Collecting children after school

Please make arrangements to collect children from school promptly at 3.15 pm.  If you cannot collect them yourself, please notify us of any alternative arrangements you make.  Children in KS2, if not collected by parents, are expected to go straight home at 3.15 pm unless parents have made other arrangements.  (It is assumed that children in the Nursery are collected at the appropriate time by a parent/carer). 

Parental partnership

Parents are always welcome, and support the school in a variety of ways:-

  • assisting with school trips
  • displaying children's work
  • helping with reading, art and craft etc

Parents wishing to help our in school may be required to have a DBS Disclosure. 

The Friends of Holy Rosary

The Friends of Holy Rosary School Association exists not only to provide resources for the pupils in school, but also to foster more extended relationships between staff, parents and others associated with, or interested in, the school.  The Friends organise various activities for parents and children, the profits made improve the facilities and add to the materials available in the school.

A committee has been elected and an AGM is held each year.  Parents are urged to give their full support to the work of the committee and to participate in and enjoy the various functions which are organised from time to time 

Amendments to particulars of information

These details are accurate at the time of printing.  However, some changes may be necessary and parents will be informed as soon as possible of any alteration which may be made, including implementation of recent legislation.

Thank you for reading this Prospectus.  I hope it will help your child to settle in as happily as possible because we are anxious that his/her education at Holy Rosary will be happy and successful.


STAFFING AS AT SEPTEMBER 2016                          Appendix 1


Teaching Staff                                                     Area of Responsibility

Mrs C Morris (Headteacher)                                Assessment and Data Co-ordinator


Mrs M Stevenson (Deputy Headteacher)             Line Manager for Years 1 and 2 staff & EYFS

Teaching & Learning, Pastoral Care, Behaviour and Well Being

Mrs A Casey (Assistant Headteacher)                 Year 6 Teacher and Line Manager for Years 5 and 6 staff

Initial Teacher Training and Curriculum co-ordinator         

Mrs J Stanley (Assistant Headteacher)                Year 6 Teacher and Line Manager for Years 3 and 4 staff

                                                                        English Co-ordinator

Mrs C Spalenice (p/t)                                         SENCO and Child Protection and Intervention Programmes

Mrs H Wall (p/t)                                                 School Improvement cover and PHSCE 


Miss K Hornblower (p/t)                                     Morning Nursery Teacher and ECO co-ordinator

Mrs G Oldfield (p/t)                                           Afternoon Nursery Teacher

Ms J Hudson (p/t)                                             Reception Teacher and RE co-ordinator

Mrs S King p/t)                                                  Reception Teacher and Art co-ordinator

Mrs A Varney                                                    Year 1 Teacher and

Miss A Stanton                                                 Year 1 Teacher and Modern Foreign Languages & DT Co-ordinator

Mrs A Marray                                                    Year 2 Teacher and Maths co-ordinator

Mr J King                                                          Year 2 Teacher and PE co-ordinator

Miss R McKay                                                   Year 3 Teacher and History co-ordinator

Mrs J Packwood                                               Year 3 Teacher

Mrs R Mitchell                                                   Year 4 Teacher and Music and G&T co-ordinator

Miss M Rice                                                      Year 4 teacher and Computing

Mr B Shore                                                      Year 5 Teacher and Geography co-ordinator

Mrs R Amin                                                       Year 5 Teacher and Science co-ordinator


Admin Staff:

Mrs M Middlehurst                                             Bursar and Office Manager

Miss E Robertson                                             Admin Officer

Mrs R Finnigan                                                  Admin Officer

Mrs K Small                                                      Admin Assistant


Premises Staff:

Mr A J Kinsey                                                   Site Manager

Mr W Hunter                                                      Caretaker 


Teaching Assistants

Mrs N Kranas                                                                                    Intervention programmes at KS2

Mrs D Clark                                                                                      Intervention programmes at KS1

Mrs L Pritchard, Mrs C Horrocks and Mrs J Marshall                               Nursery

Mr P McGowan, Mrs K Griffin and Miss J Fagan                                    Reception

Mrs L Roach, Mrs N Boden and Mrs Fairclough                                      Year 1

Mrs P Caddick, Mrs J Rees and Mrs Armstrong                                      Year 2

Mrs J West and Mrs Fagan                                                                    Year 3

Mrs P Wilson and Mrs J Charters                                                           Year 4

Miss S Myring and Mrs J Marshall                                                          Year 5

Mrs D McGarvey and Mrs P Kelly                                                           Year 6


Midday Supervisors:

Mrs K Small                  Mrs S Davies                            Mrs K Brennan              Mrs M Curran               

Mrs A Scully                 Mrs E Kinsella                           Mrs S Doran                 Mrs Y Murphy

Mrs J Derby                  Mrs C Clarke                             Mrs S Clark


Breakfast Club Supervisors:

Mrs K Small                  Mrs A Scully                             Mrs K Brennan              Mrs E Hudson               Mrs P Kelly



Appendix 2


                         Father V McShane                                      Foundation Governor (Chair)

                         Mrs K Collins                                             Foundation Governor (Vice Chair)

                         Mrs L Backstrom                                           Foundation Governor

                         Mrs A M Dimeck                                           Foundation Governor

                         Mr C Malthouse                                            Foundation Governor

                         Mrs A McColl                                               Parent Governor

                         Mrs V Molloy                                                 Foundation Governor

                        Mrs C Ravenscroft                                       Parent Governor

                        Father D Seddon                                         Foundation Governor          

                        Mr D White                                                    LA Representative 

                        Mrs C Morris                                                 Headteacher

                        Mrs M Stevenson                                         Staff Governor

                       Mrs M Middlehurst                                       Clerk to the Governors


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